Personalised Pin Badges – Tailored Options for Any Budget

The social side of rugby at club level is important. This is where personalised pin badges can be useful. Recently, a local rugby team approached Merit with the idea of using affordable, unique enamel badges to reward team-mates. This project demonstrates our capacity to provide innovative solutions that uphold the standards of quality within a budget friendly level of base metal pin badge.

The problem was simple: create a small sturdy, eye-catching pin emblem that reflected the club’s personality and ideals, while also keeping budgetary constraints in mind. For sports team’s badges, promotional pins and charity badges Merit can offer standard badges at a great price depending on the quantity required.

Soft enamel badges are a reasonably priced option, but still have a colourful aesthetic, combining a metal finish to pick out details in the club crest and the enamel colours of the crest. This lead to us drawing a few designs for the customer to pick from.

We took the club crest as a starting point and developed concepts for consideration as artwork.  The alternative plating finishes most common are gold and silver colour plating. We also developed an antique effect version, without colour. In this case, the silver was preferred to help the badges stand out on the club blazer.

These were produced in plated base metal, and had a pin post and clutch fitting. Once complete the badges looked great and were well received by the club. Hopefully, the DRFC Rebels team will go from strength to strength.

If you are looking for quick badges at a good price we can help. We can take you from design to delivery and get you a badge or pin that your team will be proud of.

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