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Merit Badge, situated in the West Midlands, United Kingdom, specialises in the custom and personalised of high-quality badges in wholesale price. Our focus lies primarily on producing badges that are not just visually appealing but also embody a sense of achievement and recognition. The company's name itself, ' Merit Badge ', evokes a sense of reward and accomplishment, aligning perfectly with our product offerings.

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Range of premium custom badges in gold and silver plate with enamel detailing

Personalised Badges

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Our Badges

Founded on the principles of craftsmanship and innovation, Merit Badge has carved out a unique niche in the market. They cater to a wide range of clients, from educational institutions to corporate entities, offering bespoke badge solutions that meet specific needs. What sets them apart is their commitment to quality and detail. Each badge is designed for distinct aesthetic appeal.

The badges offered by Merit Badge range from traditional designs to contemporary styles, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. They understand the importance of a badge as a symbol of identity, achievement, or affiliation and thus provide an extensive range of customisation options. This includes a variety of materials, colours, and finishes, allowing clients to create badges that truly represent their brand.

Sustainability is another key aspect of Merit Badge's operations. They are committed to reducing their environmental impact, utilising eco-friendly materials and processes wherever possible. This commitment to sustainability not only reflects their responsibility towards the environment but also resonates with the growing eco-consciousness among their clients.

In addition to quality, Merit Badge places a strong emphasis on customer service. They understand that the process of creating a custom badge can be daunting for some, and hence, offer expert guidance and support throughout the process. From the initial design consultation to the final delivery, their team ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience for their clients.

Merit Badge's unique blend of quality, customisation, customer service, and eco-friendly practices has elevated them to a position of high esteem in the badge-making industry, transforming their products from mere accessories to meaningful symbols of pride and accomplishment. Their approach is multifaceted, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities, thus appealing to a diverse range of clients.

Opting for Merit Badge as your badge provider signifies a choice for unparalleled quality, exceptional customer satisfaction, and an earnest commitment to environmental stewardship. This decision ensures that the badges you receive are not mere tokens, but proud emblems that reflect a deep sense of accomplishment and dedication.

Premium Enamel Badges

Durable and stylish, we create high-quality enamel badges tailored to your requirements. The stamped metal badge is filled with coloured enamel, (which can be matched to Pantone for precision,) and once set, is polished to a smooth, flat surface. Translucent enamel is available to reveal details in the underlying metalwork.

Lead Time: 6 Weeks

Minimum Order: 100pcs

A collection of premium die stamped, enamel badges.

Precious Metal Badges

A collection of Precious metal badges

Badges meticulously crafted from opulent metals, including pure gold and sterling silver, exude a sense of luxury. Each badge is constructed to the highest standards of jewellery quality, proudly designed and produced by our dedicated in-house team in the United Kingdom.

These are made in our UK production workshop located in the heart of Worcestershire. Birmingham Assay Office Hallmarking Service available.

Lead Time: 6-8 weeks

Minimum Order: 1

3D Badges

We utilise Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technologies to construct intricate models in a three-dimensional format. These meticulously crafted models serve as the foundation for producing a diverse range of badge castings. These castings are available in a variety of materials, each offering distinct finishes, to cater to a wide spectrum of design requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Die cast, three dimensional badges.

Promotional Badges

Affordable custom-designed badges, perfect for promotional events or charitable causes. These badges are crafted specifically for bulk orders, ensuring budget-friendly options for extensive distribution. Additionally, they can be accompanied by a backing card, adding a touch of professionalism and convenience. Ideal for cost-effective marketing or fundraising efforts, they offer an economical solution without compromising on quality or design.

Lead Time: 6 Weeks

Minimum Order: 250pcs

A collection of die stamped promotional Badges.

Printed Badges

Budget friendly badges designed to house enamel for direct printing.

Colourful and adaptable these badges are sure to make an impact. Using digital UV print technology in our onsite print room, we can print your logo or design onto a stock enamel badge, providing a quick and reliable service. Alternatively, we can design and manufacture a custom enamel badge to display your printed logo. All of our badges are finished in polished silver or gold and come complete with either a brooch pin or pin and clutch fitting on the reverse.

Lead Time: 2-6 weeks

Minimum Order: 100pcs or 30pcs for a stock badge

Expert in Licensed Product Development: Adhering to Brand Guidelines and Style Guides at Merit

At Merit, we specialise in the development of licensed products, demonstrating a profound understanding of and adherence to established brand guidelines and style guides.

Our experience in this area ensures that every product we develop aligns seamlessly with the specific requirements and standards of the licensing brand, guaranteeing both quality and brand consistency.

Do you have a company or organisation that would benefit from the best logo pin badges? Let us know and we can help you. Talk to us at to get started and see what your logo would look like converted into a metal design

A collection of licensed product coins and medals.

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