Bespoke Jewellery Design: Shooting Star Pendant

Our client had been developing a new season of clothing based around a space-themed print in the fabric.  We were instructed to design and manufacture jewellery accessories to compliment this new range.  Following initial brainstorming sessions for silver jewellery design, various space-themed opportunities were considered and discussed and eventually the shooting star was chosen for the space-themed design angle due to the potential of developing designs across multiple jewellery accessories such as pendants, cufflinks and rings.

The focus was narrowed to a necklace pendant featuring a shooting star pendant design. A shooting star, often referred to as a meteor in science, is a tiny particle of rock or dust that, as it hits Earth’s atmosphere, erupts into flames, producing a brief streak of light. This natural occurrence offers a rich basis for our design approach, complimented by the traditional shooting star concept.

Image research of shooting stars

Through various sketches, we developed the idea of a round pendant with an outer silver ring containing random perforations to give off a sparkling glow, as the different angles capture the light.  The traditional five-pointed star with gas trail was designed to arc into the centre of this ring and it was decided by adding a semi-precious stone inlay to a peg on the underside of the star this would highlight it further.  Blue sandstone was chosen for the stone inlay due to its striking resemblance to the night sky.  Quartzite silica materials such as mica or hematite and other compounds like copper oxide or cobalt oxide create different colours within the stone and cause it to naturally sparkle in sunlight.  An opportunity arose for the design to become reversible if the wearer preferred to highlight the natural beauty of the blue sandstone.  To this end it was decided to cut an aperture into the reverse side of the ring to hold enamel. This would allow the other side to be shown on the necklace chain to appear like a planet with rings, like Saturn.

Initial shooting star pendant sketches

With the design formalised we converted the sketch work into 3D models using various CAD programs.  This enabled us to ensure that the design would be feasible when it came to manufacture and to use the 3D models to create renders to present the concept to the client for approval at the design stage.  Following the approval of the client, we went to 3D print stage, where the CAD model is realised in wax to create a silicon mold for casting of the finished product.

3D CAD shooting star pendant renders

The bespoke shooting star necklace pendant was a hit. It surpassed our clients’ expectations and went well with their space-themed clothing. It was a distinctive item, blending scientific accuracy with aesthetic appeal. The pendant became a focal point of that seasonal collection.  By delivering a distinctively designed accessory that resonated with their target audience, we helped our client to establish a strong theme and differentiate themselves in a competitive market landscape.

Final shooting star pendant product

In summary, this project served as evidence of Merit’s proficiency in translating abstract concepts into compelling jewellery accessories. The resulting shooting star pendant elevated the client’s space-themed collection. The final product was warmly received by the client and expanded our array of custom-designed jewellery.

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