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Distinguished leader in the field of custom coin minting services. With 26 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, Merit Badge specialises in creating custom coins that are not only a form of currency but also works of art. At the heart of our operations is a passion for crafting coins that embody precision, quality, and artistic expression. Our state-of-the-art minting facility is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring each custom coin minting we produce is of the highest standard.

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Gold plated, base metal coin and ingot blanks.

Coin Minting Process

Merit Badge, a distinguished company in the coin minting industry, stands at the forefront of craftsmanship and innovation. This West Midlands, UK based firm is renowned for its intricate custom designs and the high quality of its minted coins, which serve not only as currency but also as collector's items and ceremonial pieces.

At the heart of Merit Badge's operations is a highly skilled team of artists and engravers. These professionals bring coin designs to life, blending traditional techniques with modern technology. The initial design process involves detailed sketches and digital renderings, ensuring that each coin's motif is both aesthetically pleasing and symbolic.

The striking process is where the coin truly comes to life. The prepared blanks are placed in a coin press, where the dies stamp the design onto the metal. Merit Badge's presses exert immense pressure, ensuring that every detail of the design is crisply imprinted onto the coin. This precision striking is what sets Merit Badge apart in the industry.

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Polishing Unveiling the Brilliance in Every Surface

Utilising the Vibro Polishing machinery available at our facility, we are equipped to handle substantial, concurrent processing of numerous blanks. This capability enables us to efficiently manage large-scale operations.

Our machines are expertly operated by our team of seasoned technicians. Their skill ensures that even the most intricate polishing tasks are executed with utmost precision and care.

For smaller production batches involving precious metals, our technicians employ gentle and meticulous hand polishing methods. This approach is particularly suited for tasks requiring attention to detail, ensuring that each piece receives the individual care it deserves.

Site based polishing machinery

Stamping Precision in Every Press: Crafting Excellence in Coinage

Onsite stamping facility with various knuckle presses.

We offer an on-site stamping service, facilitated within a "clean" room setting to uphold stringent quality standards.

Our presses are equipped with precision-engineered tooling, allowing us to manufacture coins and medals that closely resemble proof quality, tailored specifically for your project.

These coins then serve as golden seals, acting as benchmarks for the quality control of the minted products, ensuring each piece meets our high standards of excellence.

Die Making The Art of Die Making

Once these dies are crafted, the next step in the process involves hardening them. This treatment enhances their durability and ensures they can withstand the pressures of the stamping process. After hardening, the dies are carefully positioned within the collars of the stamping presses.

With these preparations complete, the presses are now ready for operation. They can produce near-proof coins, characterised by their exceptional detail and finish, a testament to the precision and efficacy of the entire process.

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) machinery used to cut dies for stamping on the high tonne press machinery.

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