Commemorating Canada: The Art of Minting Collectible Anniversary Coins

In 2017, Canada marked a significant milestone with grand celebrations nationwide. Central to this celebration was the commissioning of a special collection of collectible printed coins, designed to capture the essence of Canada’s rich history and vibrant present. This post explores the journey of creating these commemorative coins, highlighting the challenges, the innovative solutions applied, and the results that followed.

A Grand Celebration Deserves a Grand Commemorative Token. As Canada approached its centenary celebrations, the need to create a unique commemorative medal was conceived. The challenge was to design a set of collectible coins that not only celebrated this significant anniversary but also resonated with both coin collectors and patriots. Each coin needed to encapsulate different facets of the Canadian experience, crafted with in-house minting technology.

Modern canada medal vibrant

We decided to employ a blend of traditional die stamping and modern print techniques to achieve a near-proof quality in the commemorative coins. Each coin was meticulously crafted, starting with carefully prepared dies and blanks, ensuring the highest quality of relief on the coins.

The obverse side of each coin featured the official logo of the anniversary celebration. The reverse featured an inner border specifically designed for additional printed elements. This not only enhanced the visual appeal but also allowed for more colourful & detailed storytelling on each coin. To accentuate key features partial silver-plating techniques were employed, adding a touch of elegance and highlighting the fine details of the iconic Canadian maple leaf design.

Digital artwork played a pivotal role in this project. Vivid colours and eco-friendly printing methods were used to transfer intricate digital designs directly onto the metal surfaces, a technique that ensured durability and colour richness which collectors value.

The Captivating Collection Celebrating the Canadian Spirit. The final set comprised six coins, each a testament to a unique aspect of Canada:

  1. The Wilderness: Featuring majestic mountains and serene lakes, representing Canada’s vast natural landscapes.
  2. The Mounties: Symbolizing tradition and the historical significance of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  3. The Queen Signing the Canadian constitution into law. A momentous event in Canada’s legal history, captured beautifully to commemorate governance and law.
  4. The Scene of Debate: Highlighting Canada’s democratic spirit and active civic engagement.
  5. The Modern City of Toronto: Depicting the bustling urban life and modern architecture of Canada’s largest city.
  6. Canadian Wildlife: Showcasing the diverse and rich wildlife which Canada is known for.
Canada Collectable Printed Coins

This collection not only celebrates a century of nationhood, but also serves as a beacon of Canada’s achievements and natural beauty. The use of minting and printing techniques has set a high standard in the commemorative coin industry, offering collectors a set that is as meaningful as it is beautiful. They carry with them the stories of a proud nation, its past, and its hopes for the future. These coins were not made available to the general public, but remain a good example of a complete mint and print project that Merit can achieve.

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