Cufflink manufacture

Here at merit we pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture attractive and functional cufflinks.  With over twenty five years of experience we are well versed in the manufacture of die stamped cufflinks, enamelled cufflinks and even three dimensional cast cufflinks.

die stamped cufflinks

The first step towards the manufacture of a die stamped cufflink is the creation of a steel die, either through our in-house technicians or traditional die sinkers.  This die allows the stamping of crisp, sharp and identical front plates.  The fitting parts are then soldered to the front plate with silver solder (so there is a little silver in each one!)  A plated finish is applied to the top surface to give the cufflinks a durable, shiny finish.  A variety of finishes can be used depending upon the design, such as rose gold, palladium, silver or gold.  

3d cufflinks

3D cufflink products are produced using a lost wax casting process.  This entails crafting a master pattern usually through CAD modelling and 3D printing in plastics.  The master is then molded and brass castings are produced.  This can be a more temperamental process than stamping, but it is the best way to craft full three dimensional pieces.  The fittings are made of four separate parts that are assembled after the soldering stage. 

enamelled cufflinks

Cufflinks to be enamelled are usually produced using the die stamping method to create recessed areas too hold the enamel, however enamel can be applied to 3D cufflinks in a similar way to a layer of paint.  Once a cufflink to be enamelled has been constructed, it is hand polished, hand cleaned and brushed bright to create a clean surface for the enamel to adhere to.  Handmade enamel colours are then mixed to match pantones as specified by the customer, before being laid into the recessed metal, by hand, by a highly skilled technician.  Each colour is laid individually, and dried in the oven before the next colour can be added.  Once the enamelling stage is complete a further two stage hand polishing process is completed to achieve the high polished shine.  The quality check ensures that every part meets our standard and if there is any small fault then the enamelling and polishing stage repeated.  The enamel that we use is strong and durable and will last the lifetime of the product.  However, it is important to note that if the cufflink is subject to extreme heat the enamel can be damaged, such as in a hot wash cycle of a washing machine.   

Once the cufflinks are complete they all go through a 100% quality control check to make sure that each one conforms to the high standards we set.  All of our cufflinks are always made with a care not to include heavy metals such as cadmium or lead and are independently tested to check that they conform to this specification.