Liverpool FC accessories

We were approached by Liverpool FC to create a range of men’s accessories. As part of the brief the accessories needed to be complete with point of sale packaging . These had to be suitable for display in retail outlets which allowed the products to be clearly visible, while also taking up as minimal a store footprint as possible. It was important to consider sustainability and where possible to use a single, standardised size of box across a range of men’s accessory products.

We started by drawing up plans for a rigid packing box made of recyclable, matt black paper. To enable the product to be viewed inside the packaging it was decided the box would require a sustainably sourced plastic viewing window. A cardboard insert would be used to prevent the accessory inside the box from shifting during transit. To enable the box to be displayed on existing retail railing systems it would require a standardized plastic Euro hook. We tried various different box net shapes and sizes before deciding to base the size of the box around the size of a cufflink box. The cufflink box sitting at the bottom, housing the cufflinks securely, with other accessories being suspended on cardboard inserts above.

Specification sheet for Liverpool FC cufflink presentation packaging.

The box design was presented and well received by our clients at Liverpool FC. They provided us with specific branding logos to apply to the boxes, as well as stickers to guarantee the authenticity of the product and bar code stickers to make scanning the product at the retail outlet tills more efficient. The logos were applied to the box with gold foil stamping to create a metallic effect which contrasted starkly with the matt black cardboard. The final box specifications included c15 matt gloss laminated paper with a PET transparent window, colour matched to pantone black c. These boxes proved a success and were used for several product seasons.

Complete Liverpool FC packaging boxes containing various items of men's accessories.

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