Jellyfish Design

We have recently been asked to design an enamel Jellyfish novelty cufflink. We need to retain the character of a real-life jellyfish while maintaining a sleek and modernist design aesthetic. They will be a quirky, novelty cufflink and suitable for any occasion. We are experts and have a long history of bringing interesting and challenging design concepts to life.

Sketchbook of Jellyfish cufflink ideas displaying various viewing perspectives.

The starting point is to find some reference material to pick out key features, colours and textures for the design. From the reference material we determined that we need a vibrant set of enamel colours, but that these needed to be transparent and bright. It is also key to include some of the natural texture in the design so that it can be seen through the transparent enamel. With this design, a casting method is preferred to stamping, as you can realise a full 3D piece as opposed to 2.5D. The cufflink is designed to be 3D printed to create a master pattern that will be used for the basis of the casting process. The model will be robust but also intricate. The legs of the jellyfish are to be enamelled with bold tones to accentuate them. The cufflink will have a modern hinge, whale-tail fitting that sits on the back of the model.

Finalised jellyfish cufflink design specification sheet.  Cufflink details polished palladium plating and enamel inlay detailing.  Whale tail swivel fitting.

The result of the design process is a 3D render of the finished cufflink. We have, with reference to the source material, coloured the transparent enamel in tones of Navy and Burgundy. Some of the inner details are highlighted in Sky blue. These cufflinks are ready to be put into production to create either samples for a sales team or to be ready to stock. These Jellyfish can be produced in brass and layered with shiny rhodium, or produced in Sterling Silver.  The colour and the blended tones will make this design pop at point of sale or on the cuff of a shirt.

Final manufactured jellyfish cufflink with transparent enamel and whale tail swivel fitting.

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