Jaguar Land Rover Badges

We were approached by Jaguar Land-Rover to produce some custom badges to help them promote their new luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) models. These badges tied-in to the car launch dates and were awarded to the design team behind the new models, as well as members of the public purchasing new vehicles. Working under non-disclosure agreements we were provided with some knowledge of the car details before launch. We used this information to select specific details to inform the design of premium, corporate badges.

Jaguar Land Rover L405 badge sketches from different viewpoints
Jaguar Land Rover L494 badge sketches from different viewpoints

  We produced badges that mimicked details of the cars design aesthetic. The L405 badge was based on the side fender detail, whereas the L494 badge was based on the side grill detail of the actual vehicle plans.  The form of each badge was unique. They were each scrutinised to exacting design specifications. To elevate these designs to premium badge status, we used a combination of matt metal areas contrasting with high shine details. The high shine details were reserved to highlight the key fender and grill details appearing on the new models. These premium pin badges were completed with secure yet subtle butterfly clutch fittings attaching to a pin and a plated surface on the badge reverse.

Jaguar Land Rover L405 badge based on the side fender detail of the vehicle
Jaguar Land Rover L494 badge based on the side grill detail of the vehicle

  The results of the project were fantastic looking badges that were designed and manufactured to meet strict timescales to be distributed as part of the launch of these cars. They could be worn on the lapel of a jacket or kept as a keepsake. As a result of the success of this project, Jaguar Land-Rover returned to us repeatedly for badge design expertise whenever they launched a new vehicle model. This is a good example of our skills in meeting the demands of licensed products for commercial business to business (B2B) clients from the largest brand names.

Custom Jaguar Land Rover Badges

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