Biden Cufflinks

In 2012 we were approached by a client named Chuck to create some bespoke cufflinks in sterling silver that illustrated the Capital building in America. He wanted them to be one of a kind.  We produced a layered design combining the Capital Building offset against the famous stars and stripes flag billowing in the breeze.  We quoted the project and provided the initial artwork which was subsequently approved.

Initial cufflink sketch artwork depicting the Capitol Building Washington DC and the American flag.

We used a combination of photo images and vector artwork to bring the design to life in CAD software, creating a detailed relief.   We then used this 3D model to create a die using the CNC technology we have in house and stamped the metal to shape in our hydraulic press.

CAD images of the cufflink design manufactured in sterling silver.

These cufflinks were handmade in the UK. They were soldered, buffed and polished by our in-house team. They were left a natural colour of silver and they were hallmarked in the Birmingham Assay office. To ensure that these cufflinks were truly unique we only manufactured a single pair. Finally, the finished cufflinks were packaged in a decorative cufflink box and shipped to America.

Completed sterling silver cufflinks displayed in a decorative cufflink box.

It later transpired that these cufflinks became a gift to the then America Vice President Joe Biden. We received a handwritten thank you note on official Vice President stationery bearing the seal of the Vice President’s office. As of the time of writing he is, of course, the President of the United States of America, and we hope that the commander-in-chief is still enjoying his sterling silver cufflinks.

Hand written thank you note bearing the seal of the Vice President's Office.

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