We pride ourselves on creating bespoke products that impress what ever the occasion. 



Our history

We are a UK based manufacturer with a long history, formed by the combination of two long standing companies over 25 years ago. The oldest of which was Morton T Colver which was established in 1896.

In the tradition of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter  Merit have continued to build on our solid heritage of designing and creating metal products. We have long been badge makers, coin minters, medallists and Silversmiths.

In more recent years we have specialised in the creation of bespoke badges and designer cufflinks. Using a wide variety of traditional skills and modern techniques we have had a great deal of success in the men’s accessories market. In particular we have mastered the use of transparent enamel in cufflinks, which is often emulated but never bettered.

 We have continued our innovation and expansion into technologies and now our strengths include a diverse range of cutting edge print technology, which combines with our traditional strengths to make some trendsetting and innovative products. 

The finished item was presented to the committee for approval and they where blown away buy the quality and finish; it was a total success. Thanks for all your help.
— David Robb

Mereris Meritum Insigne

Whilst we try to demonstrate on our website what we can do, it is by no means the limit of what we are able to create for the individual, club, society, association or organisation: so get in touch !