Innovative trophies and awards, for companies, sports and individuals. We at Merit have a long history creating Awards, Medals and Trophies.

You don’t want to be flattered and become big-headed by getting awards. But, well, I am.
— Johnny Vegas (Actor/ Comedian)

Bespoke Trophies 

We are trophy makers. Our craftsman can create your own trophies using our traditional skills. These can be for sponsors, marketing companies or just individuals. 

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Augmented Trophies

These are standard trophies that can be bought from stock components and individualised with our print techniques. This can be a great option for a school, sporting club or team that want to have their logo on a club trophy or reward achievement in any sport or discipline.

Stock Trophies

We have a partnership with Trendsetting awards so that we can offer a speedy service on a massive range of Trophies, medals and awards. Feel free to follow the link to the 2017 catalogue and then contact us to order.

Awards & Trophy Catalogue
View this magnificent 382 page Sports Brochure,
you will be sure to find an award for any sporting occasion.

This brochure offers a wide range of Trophies and Awards all designed with fantastic definition and detail making your Trophies stand out from the crowd.

All crystal trophies can be personalised with any text or logo to the highest standards, please contact our sales team for a quote.  All modeled trophies are available in a range of sizes.