Merit Badge has a long history of stamping medals and minting coins. For a coin to be minted it needs to have the denomination of a currency and the reserve of the state as part of the design.  There is little difference between a coin and a high quality medal from a manufacturing stand point.

Merit offers a coin minting service to the trade from initial CAD drawings right through to custom coin minting die and the finished coin. Normally we offer gold or silver plated coins as standard. There are a number of finishes that we can use such as print or spot plate highlights.

The first step of a stamped product is the creation of a steel die, either by our in house technicians or traditional die sinkers. This die allows the stamping of crisp, sharp coins with exquisite detailing.  Onsite high tonnage presses strike the blanks between the coin dies using a multiple strike process, in our clean room set up, to achieve brilliant quality coins. 

Medals and coins can be produced in all types of metals, including base metal, brass, nickel, silver and gold, hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office if applicable.

We offer a variety of packaging services for our minted coins, from individual coin capsules to presentation boxes. 

Form and function are a unity, two sides of one coin. In order to enhance function, appropriate form must exist or be created.
— Ida Pauline Rolf