enamel badges

Depending upon the number of badges involved and the turnaround time required by the customer, Merit can produce enamelled badges at our onsite facility or import the complete manufactured products from our Chinese partners.  If the badges are produced onsite a die is designed in CAD software and manufactured using the high speed CNC milling machine.  The die is added to a high ton press to allow stamping of crisp, sharp badges.  The badges are hand polished, hand cleaned and brushed bright to create a clean surface for the enamel to adhere to.  Handmade enamel colours are then mixed to match pantones, as specified by the customer, before being laid into the recessed metal, by hand, by a highly skilled technician.  Each colour is laid individually and dried in the oven before the next colour can be added.  Once the enamelling stage is complete a further two stage hand polishing process is completed to achieve a high polished shine.  A quality check ensures that every part meets our standards and if there are any small faults then the enamelling and polishing stages are repeated.  The enamel that we use is strong and durable, and will last the lifetime of the product.  However, it is important to note that if the cufflink is subject to extreme heat the enamel can be damaged, such as in the hot wash cycle of a washing machine.  Once the badges are complete they all go through a 100% quality control check to make sure that each one conforms to the high standards we set.  If the badges are produced by our Chinese partners then CAD artwork is drawn up and approved by the customer before being sent to China for analysis.  A second piece of CAD artwork is sent back from China once the manufacturing process is ready to start to ensure that the customer is still pleased to proceed.  Usually production takes around six weeks from die manufacture to receiving the completed product.